Monmouth Chapter Teaches Children

By Ellen Saines

This past summer the Monmouth Chapter taught embroidery to two classes of children, age 8 to 12. We were the recipients of the Janet Hendricks Education fund. It was an honor to receive the monies from this fund, which we used to assist us with the purchase of supplies needed for these classes. In July we taught 20 children at the Colts Neck Library to stitch and embellish tote bags. Each participant was given 2 pieces of felt about 10 X 10, their choice of color. They also had their choice of needlepoint yarn colors to stitch on the felt. They were given stitch instruction sheets with the blanket, back, running and chain stitches. Our members sat with groups of two or three and helped the children learn the different stitches. We also had beads and other trim for the children to embellish their work. When they were finished, we had members with sewing machines sew the felt together and attach straps. The finished projects were tote bags for their library books.

In August we had about 12 participants stitch a bookmark on vinyl weave. Each child was given threads and a stitch sheet with cross and straight stitches. We also gave each child a sheet with the alphabet in cross and straight stitches for them to personalize their bookmark. In addition, we handed out guides to stitching flowers, hearts and other items. At this event we had a member for each child.

These two events were rewarding for the children and our members. The children had a great time and walked away proud of their work. They even modeled their tote bags. Our members enjoyed working with the children and their enthusiasm.

We have been asked by the library to continue this program, and will therefore, be working on further projects for the children. If you need further information on these projects for children in your area, feel free to contact me or call 732-536-0609.

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