Amanda's Garden
Teacher: Diane Herrmann
Technique: Canvas
Stop and smell the roses as you stitch this relaxing garden scene. Summer flowering morning glory, coneflower, hibiscus, sunflowers, and lush pink roses entice a young girl to stop and enjoy their fragrance. Using a variety of canvas and surface stitches, you will create this secluded garden and trellis that give structure to the beds of flowers. Surface stitches include Bullion and French knots, spiderweb ribbon roses, blanket stitch in a circle, and lazy daisy. More structured canvas stitches form the path and the underlying green foliage for the flowers. Students will have the option of changing Amanda's hair or face color.
Kit Contents
White congress cloth ground; threads including floss, silk ribbon, Caron Collection threads and others.
Skill Level: Basic/Intermediate
Design Size: 11" x 14"
Kit Fee: $75