Farmers' Market
Teacher: Kim Sanders
Technique: Stumpwork
Inspired by a child minding her family's stall, Farmers' Market captures the bounty of late summer flowers and vegetables. Students learn a variety of stumpwork techniques. Long and short shading, burden stitch, and satin stitch embroidered over padding add depth. Wrapped wire and beads further increase the dimensionality of the piece. Cast-on stitch and buillions combine for lifelike full-blown roses. Seed beads spark the piece with shimmer and shine. Detached needle lace elements are stitched on a custom-made needle lace pad.
Approximately two hours. Students will cut out the fabrics at home to avoid the necessity of flying with fabric scissors.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Design Size: 5.25" x 7.5"
Kit Fee: $48