Purple Mountains and Golden Wheat
Teacher: Lynn Payette
Technique: Mixed Media
"Purple Mountains and Golden Wheat" (a non-charted design) contains unique techniques for working stitches, padded areas and beading, as well as the application of sheer and opaque fabrics to the Congress cloth ground. The layering of sheers to create depth and perspective (especially in the mountains), working with novelty knitting type yarns and other unique fibers, as well as working with silk ribbons is taught. Much emphasis will be placed on creating a light source and cast shadows, as well as on creating depth and perspective in a landscape. This will give the illusion of the mountains, though majestic in appearance and color, creating the mid-ground and background, while the golden wheat creates the foreground.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Design Size: 4" x 6"
Kit Fee: $95